Harland & Henry Fishing

Harland is known for his diverse career in the entertainment industry. From acting in his many TV and movie roles, his live stand up comedy routines, numerous stand up specials and his regular appearances on late night talk shows.

Harland has also written and illustrated eight children’s books and several humor books as well. He is the voice behind many popular cartoon characters in both TV and film including Monster on Nickelodeon’s Robot and Monster and Apple on Annoying Orange. Harland also writes and directs films, TV, animation, and Internet projects. And if that’s not enough he has a weekly Podcast on iTunes called The Harland Highway and also has a band called the Cousins, with his cousin Kevin Hearn from the Barenaked Ladies.

Get your dose of Harland’s twisted world of comedy on The Harland Highway. This is the place to be for Harland Williams jokes, commentary, interviews. Or visit Harland Williams YouTube Channel.